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Mission Statement
The College of Theology and Education (CTE) prepares qualified leaders for the ministry.

The College of Theology and Education Mission is to prepare and equip Christian men and women for the purpose of serving in the Church of Christ as: pastors, evangelists, missionaries, Sunday School Leaders, and social workers in Moldova as well as in other countries in Eastern Europe, Middle and Minor Asia (these areas include nations with families of roman, Slav, and eastern cultures).

Our goal is to restore God's creation through the saving sacrifics of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Guidebook

Our guidebook is the Word of God.

Our Model
Our model is the Lord Jesus Christ crucified and raised from the dead.

Our counselor, power and guide
Our counselor, power and guide is the Holy Spirit.

Our Statement of Faith
The doctrinal basis for the College of Theology and Education.


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General Information
Information about the College of Theology and Education

Tuition and Fees
Supporting a student for one year costs between $600 and $700 American dollars.

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Republic of Moldova, 2001, Chisinau

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