Wellspring Learning Center

Your Child will learn to read, write and spell...believe it....commit to it....and IT WILL HAPPEN.

Frustrated students who persevere will discover the joy of reading.  


Children will learn to read if they are taught using evidence based techniques and their parents are engaged in their education. Children with dyslexia are intelligent, they just need to be taught differently.  Parents are the best advocates for dyslexic children. However, to be good advocates,  Parents should become informed about key aspects of dyslexia. They should understand the teaching methods that are effective for their child.

There have been significant advances in diagnosing and teaching dyslexic students over the past decade.  The application of these techniques to students has generated new hope for improving reading, writing and spelling for dyslexic students.  Students taught using evidence based techniques begin to close their reading gap. 

We are here to help you travel the road to better reading, writing and spelling.  We want to help you close the gap between where your child is currently and where your child's peer group is.  

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